Synthetic plant growth regulator “Melafen”


Melaphene ®

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Синтетический регулятор роста растений Мелафен

Melaphene in agriculture

Melaphene is used for pre-seeding treatment of a wide range of crops in the form of aqueous solutions with a concentration of 1 • 10-8 - 1 • 10-7%. The use of Melaphene increases the yield by 12-18% and improves the quality of the yield.

For over 10 years Melaphene has been tested widely in various regions of the Russian Federation, as well as in Bulgaria on a variety of white straw crops, pulse crops, oil-plants, feed crops, and green crops. In all the cases, there has been marked its high efficiency at very low cost. The tests of 2006-2008 in Kuban showed that despite the difficult climatic conditions (drought) Melaphene in all the cases led to an increase in yield:

Along with the increase in yield increases the quality of products.

With white straw crops there has been marked an increase in gluten content (by absolute 1-3 %) and protein, nitrogen (by relative 8-11%) while reducing the content of nitrates and heavy metals (by relative 3-8%), resulting in an environmentally friendly products.

Melaphene exhibits anti-stress properties increasing the resistance of plants to adverse factors (drought, frost). Alongside with the increase of yield increases the quality of the resulting products.

Melaphene is a low toxic, genetically safe agent (hazard class IV) which has been confirmed by relevant documents.

The synthetic plant growth regulator “Melaphene” has been awarded gold and silver medals at various Russian and international exhibitions.

Gold medals:

Silver medal:

Melaphene is protected by the patents of the Russian Federation: