The optimum concentration of Melafen for the treatment of barley seeds is 10 -7%. The highest values ​​of the parameters for winter barley were marked during the treatment with Melafen in such a concentration.

Improvement of germination ability, getting strong and even sprouts with the use of Melafen activates the subsequent stages of plant growth and development which ultimately has a positive effect on the formation of the structural elements of the crop.

Melafen enhances tillering (winter barley - the number of productive shoots under control - 1.1 shoots; in the test version - 1.5 shoots), increases the length of the spike (winter barley - 6.0 and 6.7 cm), ear grain content (winter barley - 19.6 and 28.6 grains under control and test version respectively), as well as grain weight per plant (winter barley - 1.07 and 1.54 g under control and test version respectively).


Thus, the use Melafen on winter barley is very promising as it requires no additional costs (seed treatment is carried out together with pretreatment, the solution concentration is very low - 10-7%) and the effect of the drug is very high (higher germination rate and intensity of seed germination, enhancing growth processes, increase of yield and quality of grain).