Melafen is one of the new biologically active substances positively affecting the microorganisms of sludge and hence improving the degree of purification of wastewater. Melafen consists of melamine salt of bis(hydroxymethyl)phosphinic acid. Melafen is known as a high performance synthetic regulator of growth and development of plants and is used in agriculture and plant breeding. Also, this drug is used for bioremediation of soil from oil pollution.

Using Melaphen as BAS when doing biological treatment of wastewater leads to greater efficiency of wastewater cleaning in the aerotank. It is non-toxic and has a positive effect at low concentrations (1·10-4 mg per dm3 – 1·10-8 mg per dm3). Another advantage is the ease of technological introduction and reduction of time of biological treatment of wastewater and energy for it as the drug is used at the recovery stage.

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